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- From the finest iron tubes which are available in square section with size( 3x3 )cm.

- The steel frame is joined and sealed vertically with electro self adhesive bonds and their surface is well polished to smooth it and finish it free from any cracks. It is treated with anti rusting and anti chemical solutions the procedures involves eight steps according to the German Standard.

 - DIN50939 and directly sprayed after dryness within a spraying cabinet or automatically with 14 guns by Turbo system. The powder is stabilized on the steel surface by heating the steel till it reaches 200C for 20-15 min.

 - The vertical columns of the frame are supplied with adjustable system to prevent any lean or tilting in the floor level and to insure complete stableness of the bench on the floor.

- The columns and joins are bonded and joined with screws according to the bonding system and this to facilitate fixing, installing, changing the measurements and repairing utilities accordingly.

- There’s a service gap between the frame and the wall to allow water tubes, Outlets, gas and electricity.

- The legs are supplied with rubber heals to prevent the verticals and screws against water and rust.

- The steel frame is designed to allow any future extend easily according to the requirements.

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