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 Duratop Epoxy is a solid cast, monolithic epoxy resin, molded and oven-cured as a solid, uniformly constructed product, with smooth, nonspecular and non-glaring finish, offering excellent quality laboratory work surfaces and complimentary sink units. Produced at the ISO 9000 Certified manufacturing facility at the Durcon, Inc. plant in Taylor, Texas, and private braded by Durcon for Total Lab Solutions under the label Duratop Epoxy. The impressive heat and chemical resistance of solid cast epoxy resin makes Duratop Epoxy the most popular choice for the rigors of a laboratory environment. The outstanding qualities of epoxy resin provide the safest, most economical and long-lasting work surface available. DURATOP epoxy laboratory countertops are asbestos free and a LEED qualified material. 

Epoxy resin surfaces resist discoloration, blistering, and cracking even under the harshest conditions. This extremely high chemical and heat resistance means DURATOP cast epoxy work surface and components, with proper maintenance procedures, will look like new after years of hard work in the laboratory or scientific environment.

Solid cast Epoxy work surfaces or lab tops do not depend on surface coating for protection or use low cost core material. Their strength and durability are built right into each sheet or sink. The smooth, matte, medium to low-sheen, non-glare finish eliminates distracting glare or light reflection and is easy to maintain. Duratop Epoxy is in compliance with Woodworking Institute (W.I.) section 18. 

Epoxy Resin products are typically specified in sections 12 3600 Counter Tops and 12 3653 - LABORATORY WORKSURFACES in Division 12 specifications.

Cast epoxy materials have recently come to be described by some specifiers as "Solid Surface Fabrications", describing the material as "cast, nonporous solid surfacing material composed of homogeneous modified epoxy resins".

Epoxy resin material is not coated or laminated. Compliance requirements are:

Flexural Strength: Not less than 10,000 psi.
Modulus of Elasticity: Not less than 2,000,000 psi
Tensile strength: ASTM D638 - 4100 psi minimum
Hardness: ASTM 785 - Barcol impressor 55 minimum (Rockwell M): Not less than 100
Flammability: ASTM E84 class 1/A Flame spread 10 Maximum, smoke developed 25 Maximum
Heat Distortion Point: Not less than 260 deg. F
Thermal expansion: ASTM D 696: 0.000023 in/in/F Maximum
Water absorption (24 Hours): Not more than 0.02 percent
Boiling Water resistance: NEMA LD3, No Effect
High Temperature resistance: NEMA LD3, No Effect
Liquid absorption: ASTM D 570 24 hours - 0.06% Maximum
Bacteria Growth: ASTM G22, No Growth
Sanitation: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 51 rating

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