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- Phenolic is a high-pressure solid composite panel, made from natural kraft paper and engineered as laboratory grade surfaces commonly exposed to acids, solvents, general reagents and cleaning agents.

- The natural kraft recycled papers are saturated / impregnated with phenolic resin and processed under high heat and pressure to form a composite panel.

- The resultant lab grade panel provides a chemical and abrasion resistant property required for harsh conditions in wet laboratories of science labs, water treatment plants (WWT), research facilities, etc.

- It is :

*Chemical and solvent resistant

*Stain and corrosion resistant

*Impact and stress cracking resistant

*Moisture resistant and will not support growth of common bacteria or fungus

- The bench wok top  provided with back splash ( 7 cm ) from the same material of work top and accompained with a marine edge to prevent spoil of liquid.

Phenolic Phenolic Phenolic

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