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Eyewash & Shower

Eyewash & Shower

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Accident happen in work place in spite of precautionary safety measures. Most work accidents are caused by human exposure to heat,corrosive agent such as  acids and caustics and by influence of dust and corrosive aerosols such as metal and dirt. These dangerous cause multiple injuries which risk disablements and to the extreme level – loss of human life.

Based on experience by safety experts learned from most cases , a most immediate effective treatment to minimize the injury is water application to the affected areas of the human body.

This risk lurks in many work places such as laboratories, factories , watehouses, kitchens and other areas where substances of hazardous natre are involed. For involved. For this reason, a presence of adequate Emergency Shower and Eye Wash systems are highly recommended to minimize any safety risk threat to human life.

DURATAP Emergency Drench Shower and Eye Wash systems offer fairly comprehensive and advanced safety units. The product are characterized by aesthetic appeal, space saving styling and enhaced performance . The design are customized with a contemporary color theme concept instead of the traditional red tone to ensure higher accessibility and visibility during emergency situations. To ensure maximum performance, the units are made in compliance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z 358.I)using high-quality materials available. DURATAP utilizes high grade 304 stainless steel, which is epoxy powder coated for maximum resistance against chemical reaction and corrosion.

Eyewash & Shower

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