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Laboratory units are made of laminated smooth plywood surface , thickness of (18-16mm.)  the utilized wood’s  core is dried which guarantee straight surface and homogenous internal humidity ratio that doesn’t exceed 12% to avoid pending , delaminating, swell or spall like some other materials. The plywood is qualified with high quality which gives the units hardness and high resistance towards the humidity. Liquid or micro-organisms will not seep. No worries of potential inner surface damage   All the unit should be coated from inside and outside with a laminated layer and elastic laminated strips.

The hinges are imported from Europe; all the units are supplied with adjustable shelves for field application.

All the drawers are supplied on ball bearings to facilitates moving and prevent the drawers from diavation.

The width of the bench isn’t less then 50cm. to allow a storage area inside the units.

Wilde range of various colours to choose from to apply the colour coding system on the drawers.

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