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Epoxy Sinks

Epoxy Sinks

A. Under Counter Mount Epoxy Sink

Dimension: Nominal wall thickness of 12.5 mm (1/2") with all interior corners coved to 1-1/2" radius
and bottoms pitched to outlet opening. Please see chart for complete dimensions.
Color: 7 available colors,  please refer to page 5. 
Installation: Sink shall be installed from underside of work surface.  Work surface and sinks are joined
and sealed using two part epoxy grout adhesive or lab-grade silicone.  Sink supports should be
provided for installation.
B. Sink Fittings

No part of this informational material may be reproduced without permission.
Molded from pure,  high grade chemical resistant Polypropylene materials,  fittings and accessories are
available in Black PP color.  The following industry standard components are compatible with
Epoxy Counter Tops and sink products.


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