About us

Hoffen originated in 1996, leading the Egyptian market as the first specialized laboratory furniture company. With more than 7 international agencies and several manufacturing facilities in Cairo, Hoffen aims to develop the quality of the labs in the region to the international standard in an economical way. With our core values of quality, trust and customer centricity, Hoffen was able to lead the Egyptian market and gain trust of the major clients.

Hoffen was founded as a laboratory furniture cooperative in the Egyptian market in 1996. Ever since, it has provided the industry with the best laboratory furniture and equipment at reasonable prices, catering to researchers, Chemists, and Doctors.

We see ourselves as partners of our customers, our highly experienced team focuses on fixing our customers’ critical obstacles to successfully meet all their requirements meeting the international demand standard.


Hoffen uses US Durcon epoxy in work surfaces which is the no. 1 worldwide; manufactured following the most stringent and current industry standards at an ISO-certified facility following SEFA and other international standards

The quality of Hoffen's laboratory furniture enabled us to own our place in the national and international markets. Hoffen in cooperation with international companies from the USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain combines the best quality with the best cost.

A wide variety of designs and materials are offered by Hoffen Laboratory Furniture to satisfy our client's requirements. We offer state-of-the-art products catching up on the rapidly evolving technology and ever-increasing industries. Our pleasure is achieved when our work is complete, and the researchers start using our laboratory furniture facilitating their activities and improving work quality.

When it comes to lab furniture delivery, Hoffen has the quickest lead time available. We maintain an inventory of all the essential materials we use; some items, such as flammable cabinets, benches, and fume hoods, may be supplied right away.

Our Vision

To become the region’s top international quality provider. Creating the best environment for users through state-of-the-art affordable solutions.

Martin Dummy

Chairman and founder