Wood cabinet

Laboratory units are made of laminated smooth plywood surface that is resistant to acid, alkalis, absorption of liquid and easy to wash and clean.
Its thickness is (18mm).
The plywood is qualified with high quality which gives the units hardness and high resistance towards the humidity, Liquid or micro-organisms will not seep.

Steel cabinet

Laboratory furniture and casework from HOFFEN offers all steel, flush front construction, integral cabinets welded with interchangeable doors and drawers, and so much more.

It offers excellent resistance to most if not all solvents, alkalis and acids used in modern labs. HOFFEN steel casework is available in a virtually limitless array of colors. In addition to the popular standard finishes, we can produce your Steel cabinets in almost any custom color, or in a combination of colors. 

N.B: Minimum order requirements are desired for special colors