Chemical Safety Cabinet

Laboratory Chemical Safety Cabinets are special cabinets designed to store, organize, and separate hazardous materials safely and conveniently. They are usually made of metal or wood and have different features depending on the type of materials they contain. For example, flammable materials safety cabinets have self-closing doors, leak-proof sills, and vents to prevent fire and explosion. Acid and corrosive safety cabinets have powder-coated finishes that resist chemical damage and corrosion. Laboratory Chemical Safety Cabinets help to protect the health and safety of laboratory workers and the environment by reducing the risk of spills, leaks, fires, and accidents.

Storage cabinet

Acids are hazardous chemicals that require special storage safety cabinets to prevent accidents and protect the environment. Hoffen offers a standard and customized line of safety cabinets for acid storage, made of either benches material or steel. These materials are fire-resistant and anti-corrosive, ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards. You can choose from 1 door or 2 door models, depending on your storage needs and preferences. Hoffen safety cabinets are designed to provide convenience, security, and durability for your laboratory or workplace.